At our facilities, we seek to offer the highest possible quality while controlling a process that ensures tradition and good winemaking methods. Located in our land, Pesquera de Duero, more specifically at Carretera Peñafiel-Pesquera (km 5,5), Bodegas Hesvera has a heat control system that keeps the facilities at a regulated temperature during the winemaking process and while the wine is aged over the following months.


02 · Our grape

All the grapes that enter the winery come from our own vineyards. All our vineyards are located on different terrains of the most renowned in Pesquera de Duero (Valderramiro, Ermita and Gallego, among others).

The entire vineyard has been planted in the traditional way and all of them are more than 25 years old. For us, the grape is the basis of what our wine has to be. That’s why our vineyards are low-production and set on lands that add great complexity to the grapes.

The vineyard is planted using the goblet method and with local Pesquera de Duero clones we have grafted ourselves.

03 · Elaboración

Once the polyphenolic indices of the grapes have been checked and analysed, they are harvested by hand. They are then brought to the winery, destemmed and transferred to a tank for maceration and fermentation.

In this process we attach great importance to the yeast, which is the yeast of the grape itself to start bringing out the terroir.

The temperature is controlled and never exceeds 29° and it is pumped over and left to macerate for approximately 29 days.

The must is then devatted and transferred to the barrel for the malolactic fermentation. When the malolactic fermentation is completed, each wine is aged accordingly. Our Joven Roble wine is aged in the barrel for at least 6-9 months.

Our Crianza wine spends approximately 18 months in American oak. Our Cosecha Limitada “Autor” wine ages in French oak over a period of 25 months.